Bachelor Stars Clayton Echard And Susie Evans Share Why He Selected An Engagement Ring To Propose Her

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 18, 2022

Are you hoping for the best? In the season 26 finale of The Bachelor Clayton Echard has not proposed to Susie Evans. Still, he had a ring in his pocket.

The 28-year-old former football player said that the proposed ring was with him on March 16. The conversation is going on. Clayton has a feeling she’d turn up because it wasn’t in her character. Echard was positive that Susie would say no to him. That was something he had expected.

A ‘Bachelor’ Star and His Girlfriend Talk About Why He Picked A Ring

As per the sources, the couple had discussed it. Susie told Clayton that she would say no to him if he surprised Susie with an engagement ring.

Evan and Echard have devised a strategy for managing the next several months of their relationship. Once their Virginia beach lease expires in September, the pair wants to do a three-month post-show check-in and another pulse check. 

Susie moved to Virginia Beach, which they chose because of its significance to her. It will be the couple’s first step toward their future together.

Bachelor Stars Clayton Echard And Susie Evans Share Why He Selected An Engagement Ring To Propose Her

“Bachelor” host Jesse Palmer asked Echard if he decided to propose to Evans on Tuesday night’s finale. It is traditional for finalists to conclude. He even noted that jeweler Neil Lane was in the audience and waiting to furnish the ring.

During the second half of the finale, which aired on Tuesday, March 15, Susie broke up with Clayton before he could propose. He had previously sent her home following an argument about the fantasy suite dates. After removing Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, he tried to get her back.

The photographer said that Susie and Clayton had a wonderful time. The couple had a lot of fun together in the four months since they started dating. 

Susie confessed that it is hard doing this and watching this again. The couple still has a lot to learn about each other. They still have a lot to know about each other. Evans explained that they both are learning and growing due to this.

Susie is incredibly selfless, and their big heart temperament is the attribute he admires the most in the Bachelorette season 18 alumni. He went on to say she’s humble. He wishes there had been more of that. 

When they had the shopping spree [date] on the show, she was so sad because she was like, she doesn’t deserve this. And he was amazed. When she said that, Susie was astounded because she thought to herself. She is an incredible woman who doesn’t believe she should be given anything. 

She wants to give to everyone and almost doesn’t want to take anything. It says a lot about her character. And he was taken aback by it. Susie is someone as lovely and caring as she wants to share the world and all she has with everyone.

Clayton stated that he now understands what Susie is due. He wants to be able to provide it to her. Clayton wants to give her everything. Because she is like someone he had never met. There are very few individuals like her, if any, who have the kind of character she does. He is still blown away by her every day.

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