Damage To Cancer Cells Is Limited By Telomeres: Fiction And Facts

Teresa Breaux | Last Updated : September 22, 2022

According to the study that has been conducted by Lisbon University, it has been brought into consideration that telomeres play an essential role in determining the maximum damage that can be sustained by a cancer cell. This information is very useful in order to understand the scope of the cell that has been affected by cancer. 

These findings allow the detection of the cells that have been damaged by cancer to such an extent that they soon reach a stage according to which the division of the cells into further cancer cells reduces the maximum extent and finally the time has come wherein the cell dies. The phenomenon is controlled by the occurrence of a protein which is known as TERRA. 

When the abnormalities inside the cell increase, the damage caused to the human cells reach the pinnacle, beyond which there is nothing that can affect the cell. That is why in such a situation, there is a need to understand the stage at which this effect can be witnessed. The incidence of the telomeres inside the cell causes a lot of damage to the cells and this is also helpful to conclude the level up to which the confluence of telomeres can work in consonance. 


There are certain telomeres inside the body which do not elongate themselves within time.

These cells are hampered by the production of proteins and enzymes which hamper the development of mitochondria and other functionalities of the cell.

Damage To Cancer Cells Is Limited By Telomeres

Cancer is considered to be a cause that affects the genetic composition of the cell.

 This disease causes abnormal growth in the long run. The incidence of the disease is so high that it takes no time to build resistance and makes it practically impossible to cure this at any cost.

The purpose of the research is to discover the effect of the telomeres in order to calculate the stage at which the cell that is affected by cancer ceases to multiply and hence dies at the end of the stage. 

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This mechanism can be considered to be a useful one for the time being. On the face of it, the functioning of the cell automatically stops and hence the cell dies.

But this in no way is helpful for mitigation of cancer spread inside the body.

The cell that dies beyond a certain stage has already infused its abnormalities into other cells. The other healthy cells have already been turned unhealthy due to this action and now these cells act as carriers of cancer. 

They mutate and multiply at an exponential rate. This is something that ultimately adds to the growth of cancer inside the body.

Moreover, the dead cell has shed its remains inside the tissues due to which the remains get somewhere deposited in the same.

All of this paves way for the further enhancement of cancer inside the human body. Telomeres are only responsible for detecting the stage at which the death of the cells takes place.

They work on the basis of TERRA. The levels of TERRA are responsible for easy and adequate detection. 


It has to be noted that this is something that needs to be taken into consideration every time when a diagnosis of cancer is being developed.

The purpose of the research clarifies the intent behind every kind of diagnosis. This must be executed as early as possible due to the instances of deaths due to cancer can be reduced to the minimum since cancer is the disease that causes the death of a lot of people.


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