David Beckham Turns Over His Instagram Account To A Ukrainian Doctor, Fans Are Overjoyed With His Decision

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 23, 2022

David Beckham, a legendary England football player, and an actor accomplished something that no one expected. He recently turned up his Instagram account and other social media names to a Ukrainian doctor. To showcase the incredible work that the country’s health workers are doing.

Beckham Hands Over The Instagram Account To A Ukrainian Doctor

Beckham has turned up his Instagram account, which has over 70 million followers, to Iryna, the Director of the Regional Perinatal Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine. There she assists and cares for pregnant women and newborns during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In a video posted to his Instagram account, Beckham discussed the project and invited people to give to charities that assist Ukraine.

David Beckham Turns Over His Instagram Account To A Ukrainian Doctor

He wrote in the caption, “I’m passing over my social media accounts to Iryna, the Director of the Regional Perinatal Centre in Kharkiv, Ukraine. There she assists mothers in giving delivery. Visit my story highlights to know more about the incredible work Iryna and other health workers in Ukraine are doing to save lives. Please donate everything you can to help @UNICEF and people like Iryna by clicking the link in my bio.”

He also added about the oxygen generators they’ve provided, thanks to their generosity, in helping infants live in horrible conditions.

Dr. Iryna may be heard in the video saying that she is not only the head of the center. She does, however, continue to practice as a pediatric anesthesiologist. She helps with unloading cargo, logistics, and emotional support. UNICEF’s assistance is critical; they have supplied supplies to maternity clinics in Ukraine for years and have excellent logistics to provide ready-to-use kits. 

The UNICEF oxygen generators deliver oxygen to the youngsters in the basement. They’re undoubtedly putting their lives in danger, but they don’t realize it. They enjoy what they do. She adds, the health professionals here worry and cry, but will not give up. Thanks to all who watch the tale and those assisting Ukrainian youngsters. Every donation makes a difference.

The doctor revealed that they moved patients to the basement in the early days of the attack. At the same time, babies in critical care had to remain in place despite the danger because of immovable life-saving machinery. The first few days were the most challenging. They have to look out how to work around bombings and strikes.

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