How Encanto Composer Germaine Franco Is Smashing The Glass Ceiling, Excitement Seemed No Boundaries!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 22, 2022

In the recent headlines, it was brought forward that the Hollywood composer cum singer Germaine Franco was in the position to announce that she has been one of the nominees for the grand Oscar.

This is due to her animated work Encanto which has brought credit. This is one of the latest announcements that have been made while keeping in mind the developments that have recently surfaced concerning the conduct of one of the most coveted honors in the world.

Oscar Excitement Seemed No Boundaries

When the Hollywood composer got this news that she was being nominated for the Oscar award, his happiness and excitement seemed no boundaries in the first place. Not only this but also this person had the highest chances of actually claiming the Oscar award in the light of the existing competition.

How Encanto Composer Germaine Franco Is Smashing The Glass Ceiling, Why Excitement Seemed No Boundaries!

She would be the first woman to score a Disney animated film. She would also be the first to join the music branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the first to get honored with the help of an Oscar for the recent best original movie that she has made.


After getting this fantastic news, any person would have got excited. Any person would have been in the position to change with joy. In a recent interview, such a composer revealed that his happiness is finding no limits for the time being. There will be a tremendous amount of development over the time being. This is the best feeling that will rule her life, at least for when she does not receive the Oscars award. This will cause a tremendous amount of change in the present world. This helps bring a positive impact over the time being. This will make a tremendous amount of difference.

Feelings that matter 

She was able to acclaim that in the light of the tough competition, her hard work and her sincere efforts were able to carve a separate image for various factors in the first place. Only because of all the activities could the ultimate difference be brought up. It is only for the time being that the person who was going to receive the highest honor of the entertainment industry that she used to forget all her work and was able to talk only about the actual moment when she would be honored with the help of this award. This will cause a lot of positive impact over the time being.

The intent behind receiving an Oscar for all the hard work and the efforts she had been putting in is primarily due to many positive reasons. It will create a positive impact for the generation, which is about to come any time soon. This is going to set an example that no matter what whatsoever happens, one must not be in the position to bring a change in the way in which most people think. This will create a positive impact over the time being and develop an example that most people need in real life for motivation. 

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