Supermodel Bella Hadid Regrets Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery When She Was Just 14 Years Old, See For More Details

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 21, 2022

Beauty has been defined as one of the most essential and imperative assets of the people. This has been useful to a great extent, and the same has become one of the sole factors of consideration to judge the personality of such a person.

Despite Having Cosmetic Surgery, Bella Hadid Regrets It

Even if a person is not naturally beautiful, they make every possible attempt to look at one. This becomes important for all those who are functioning in the film industry. Many Hollywood actors and actresses are undergoing cosmetic surgery to play with their beauty and enhance the same.

The purpose is to make a person capable enough to change certain targeted areas of the face. 25-year-old supermodel Bella Hadid is practicing something similar to this.

Supermodel Bella Hadid Regrets Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery When She Was Just 14 Years Old

Need for cosmetic surgery

She is one of the most beautiful kinds of supermodel which one has ever witnessed. She is hot, dashing, young, and as fresh as spring. But despite having all the qualities in herself, it becomes essential to ascertain that the supermodel is not happy with how she looks. She may not be about her whole of the looks. She may be only about the development of the person and his specific features. In her multiple interviews, she has been able to criticize her nose. She believes that had her nose been better, she would have looked more attractive in the first place.

Bringing changes in her life

Many of her friends and family members thought it to be natural on her part to get tested the facial expressions and critical about them. But her harsh feeling towards her especially never came to an end. This feeling continued to such an extent that in her recent interview, she came forward to reveal that she is undergoing her new venture by taking the risk of cosmetic surgery. 

This has been able to bring a lot of effect on her goodwill and, at the same time, ensure that she turns out to be a new leaf post the surgery. In her recent public appearance also, she was very vocal that her nose needs to get replaced with a better one as she was getting very conscious about the same in the long run. This has been very saddening on the part of such a kind of person because it has been able to affect her idea of beauty. 


Her decision to undergo cosmetic surgery has also been in the position to bring a better output altogether. She has been able to depict herself as a personality who is not ready to accept herself in the way and the shape she is. This is very depressing to note for the time being, and this is going to cause a lot of furrow amongst the people. 

She is something that most people have been talking about. This is also something that the people have been thinking to avoid while adoring her fantastic figure and personality from the next time. While she is hopeful that she would turn out to be in shape and look, many people are doubtful about the failure of the surgery as it happened in various previous cases as well.

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