Olivia Wilde And Harry Styles Dine Together In London On A Romantic Date

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : May 26, 2022

New photographs of Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles illustrate that they are one of our favorite couples. Photos from their London dinner date at the celeb-favorite restaurant Perilla have surfaced on social media, showing the singer, 28, and his actress/director girlfriend, 38.

Dined Together At Perilla, A Restaurant In Newington Green

They also went on a romantic date around London last night, just in time for Harry Styles’ anticipated Brixton show on Tuesday.

Olivia Wilde And Harry Styles Dine Together In London On A Romantic Date

They dined together at Perilla, a restaurant in Newington Green, Islington, where the singer, 28, and the actress, 38, had recently launched their third album, Harry’s House. A cream and red checkered shirt paired with a clip held Harry’s long, curly brunette hair in place.

A black off-the-shoulder sweater and loose waves adorned Olivia Wilde’s bronde locks, which she styled in a low ponytail.

“I swear that is Harry Styles,” a passerby exclaimed as she passed the restaurant where the couple was dining. The fact that I recognized Maisie Williams from last year’s appearance in the same restaurant made me do a double-take.

What a great place for celebrities to hang out!’ Although I enjoy Harry and Olivia’s parties, my interest in their merchandise has never been piqued my interest.

Deeper Dive Into Harry Types

The “Watermelon Sugar” singer, who had just released his album Harry’s Space, rocked a cream-colored and purple checked top and dragged his hair part once more as he performed in Brixton.

They were last seen together at a New York airport on Sunday, May 22, so now we’re all aware of their pond-side insignificance. Famous individuals Olivia and Harry maintained a low profile as Olivia dazzled in a black jacket, denim, and denim. At the same time, Harry appeared to be wearing the same outfit as shown in the images.

Taking a day excursion after Olivia Wilde featured a preview of “Track For a Sushi Eating Place” off his new-fangled album Harry’s Space by way of her upcoming Tales over the weekend is a nod to Harry.

The Do Not Fear Darling filmmaker, who directed Harry in the upcoming film Guide Good, likely provided Harry with some lip service, as he did last week when he appeared on The Howard Stern Show and gushed about working with Olivia.

The previous member of One Course began, “I had a great delight in being taught by Olivia,” “Seeming is more or less quite uncomfortable from time to time.” It’s critical, in my opinion, that we all agree on so many things.

While agreeing with your director can be a gift, “I feel having the ability to agree with your director is essential, therefore that was once really valuable.” Furthermore, “It imagined for a truly enormous delight in running on that film.”

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