Restart Of School Sports| Know The Symptoms Of A Concussion

Teresa Breaux | Last Updated : September 1, 2022

We are currently entering into the season where everyone talks about high school sports. People everywhere from students to parents and teachers are all excited about this. So the sports medicine specialists have taken a perfect opportunity this fall season to address the athletes, their coaches, and parents about the impact a concussion has on them and how it is difficult to diagnose a concussion.

Sports medicine physicians have stated that it is very difficult to diagnose a concussion since it can not be determined either by a lab test or any imaging technique. Both of these tests will not help in identifying concussions.

What Are The Reasons Behind In This?

Primary care scientists have also started to find the reason behind this. Normally medical experts conduct a diagnosis based on the symptoms individual experiences at the time of injury and by understanding how the injury took place in detail. But it is difficult to identify similar symptoms of concussion since no two concussions have the same impact. Every concussion has a different treatment model and is not related to any previous injuries. 

Restart Of School Sports| Know The Symptoms Of A Concussion

A detailed analysis was made in the same and it was observed by the Centres for Disease control and prevention in the United States which reported more than 1,73,000 children are subjected to brain injuries and concussions every single year but the symptoms experienced by all the 173000 children are widely different from one another and the treatment model adopted for curing them was also significantly different.

Although when a person experiences a concussion they are susceptible to a few common symptoms including mood changes, increased irritability,  blurred vision, dizziness. They might also experience symptoms of nausea, neck pain, vomiting, and anxiety.

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The degree to which one experiences any of the above-mentioned symptoms is different and treatments are prescribed based on the same. For example, a few people might experience severe headaches and vomiting but limited or no signs of anxiety. So medication will be prescribed for reducing their pain and preventing the sensation of vomiting. Some people might face increased anxiety and dizziness but no other physical pain. These people might be given anxiety medications.

Similarly, the pace at which one experiences the symptoms will determine the severity of the concussion they have experienced and the duration at which one will be cured varies significantly from the other people.

So any time your children experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms you have to make them stop playing and pull them out of the sports team till they recover completely. You have to take a step back and consult a medical expert before being put in the group again. You should not wait out the symptoms just because they are not severe enough to take your children to the emergency room.

If an athlete has a focal neurological deficit, it is a red flag to take them to the emergency room.

Anytime an athlete has experienced confusion or brain injury you have to ensure they are not wrongly taking any anti-inflammatory medication that will put them in a severe condition. It is also important to avoid alcohol altogether. The primary treatment recommended by medical experts after a person has experienced a concussion is the use of Tylenol.

Today the sports industry has also shifted drastically and has put severe instructions in place to prevent the occurrence of concussions. Severe penalties are levied for players who hit dangerously and coaches have started teaching their athletes the best way to prevent severe injury and have started coaching the right techniques that prepare their athletes to ensure their safety.

The fall season is near and together with the enthusiasm of playing your favorite sports you also have to ensure you are playing safe and taking precautionary measures to avoid concussions and brain injuries.


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