How Southern Charm’s Naomie And Kathryn Stand After That Fight!

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : June 24, 2022

It was well worth the wait when the Southern Charm ensemble made a big splash on Bravo with the season eight debut.

How Southern Charm’s Naomie And Kathryn Stand After That Fight!

On June 23, fans saw Craig Conover reveal he had been seeing his ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo; Kathryn Dennis make a new relationship official; Paige DeSorbo from Summer House makes a surprise appearance; Austen Kroll begin to seek a new love interest, and the list goes on.

How Southern Charm's Naomie And Kathryn Stand After That Fight!

The ultimate showdown between Kathryn and Naomie, nevertheless, turned out to be probably the most emotional part of all. The two haven’t gotten along in a while, apparently because Naomie called Kathryn out for spreading false information about Cameran Eubanks’ marriage, but by asking Naomie to her birthday celebration, Kathryn looked to be making amends.

That turned out to be a horrible decision. By morning, Kathryn had Naomie on the defensive and was calling each other names.

According to Naomie, she thought Kathryn was just unhappy about it because she called out something she thought made her look stupid. Hence, if Kathryn finds that she is in a situation where she is forced to defend herself, she will simply begin to attack. She also does it in a really deliberate manner.”

But in Naomie’s opinion, she is, “letting sleeping dogs lie.”

I don’t think that she and I will ever be friends, Naomie continued, “If I notice her, I’m like, ‘Hey What’s up?’ You don’t have to be friends with everyone, especially if that person is poisonous to you or vice versa.

Apart from Kathryn, Naomie stated she gets along with pretty much the whole group of Southern Charm, which made it easier for her to decide to join the Bravo series again after leaving before season seven’s filming began.

But in reality, she continued, returning “was a right place, right time kind of thing. She said that she had planned to be in New York, but when her plans changed, she was there for a bit flying by the seat of her trousers, which included doing the show.

As Naomie previously stated, her then-boyfriend Metul Shah was at the center of those New York City plans. The ex-couple moved to the city in 2021, and ten days after learning he had been cheating on her, Naomie was leaving for Charleston.

She admitted in some news that she just felt so lost, and it was awful for her. In the first few episodes of the season, while she is still figuring out what she is doing or what she wants to do… you’ll probably see a glimpse of it, in my opinion.

Naomie continued, that she heavily leaned on her friends for that time, and they really pulled through. But she was not in the best headspace in the beginning, and then one will see her work as a way out of that and get to such a better place, and to a point where she was very thankful for what happened.

Here Is Naomie And Dennis’s History Take A Look

Entrepreneur and “Southern Charm” reality personality Naomie Olindo was born on August 4, 1992. Together with her friend and business partner Ginny Cox, Olindo created the online clothes store “L’ABEYE” in 2019. 

Olindo also has a great affinity for animals. She grew up around horses, has a cat named Gizmo, and frequently gives to the Charleston Animal Society.

American model, businesswoman, and reality TV star Kathryn Dennis was born on August 6, 1991, making her 30 years old. 

Dennis will soon be a creative partner at the new GWYNN’S Studio and serves as a brand ambassador for the neighborhood department store Gwynn’s in Charleston. 

She is introducing furniture under the brand name “Kenzie+Saint,” which was inspired by the habits and personalities of her own children.

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