American Actor Tom Schwartz’ Divorce Upsets Katie Maloney Tearfully, Fans Reacts To Their Divorce Speculations

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 22, 2022

Katie Maloney has broken her silence and revealed why she and her spouse, Tom Schwartz, divorced. While the decision to split had been weighing on her mind, it was one she couldn’t shake, according to the former source.

Maloney Tears Up While Speaking About The Divorce Of Tom Schwartz

She fought back the tears as she expressed her desire to refuse them. She wanted to get them out of her head since she adores Tom, and the two of them have created a life together. She desired to spend the rest of her life with him. But, in the end, she was dissatisfied.

Katie reflected on how difficult it was to break the news to Tom. She stated that it was the most challenging thing she had ever done. It was the toughest thing she could say to him since she knew it would break his heart.

American Actor Tom Schwartz' Divorce Upsets Katie Maloney Tearfully

Katie stated that the couple is still living together and chose to remain friends throughout the ordeal. She added that they still live together in our house. And they’re simply trying to traverse these steps jointly and work on becoming friends. 

They have the same friends and are attempting to hang out. Making it as comfortable as possible for everyone and without forcing anyone to choose sides—is essential.

Katie Maloney has revealed the reason for her breakup with Tom Schwartz. The podcast Your Going to Love Me has an episode on March 16th. Katie explained why she and Tom decided to call it quits after 12 years of marriage.

Katie stated that there were numerous beautiful moments, even daily. She enjoys spending time with him. But, in the end, she was unsatisfied. There are additional topics about which she may be able to speak in the future. But she isn’t interested in getting into that right now.

While the news may appear “sudden,” Katie explained that they had been separated for a little over a month. She denied that there had been any bizarre occurrence. 

This wasn’t the outcome of some bizarre brawl. As I mentioned later in the show, it had been building up for months. She felt distant and as though she was drifting away from everything.

The best and the only way is like waking up inside her life. And hearing this voice that just got louder and louder as events in her life. And their relationship came into focus, and she felt their weight on her shoulders.

Katie noted in her post that “Tom and she are terminating their marriage after 12 years on an adventure through our lives together.” There is no hatred or animosity against this conclusion, and there are no sides to select from.

Tom expressed a similar perspective in his piece, writing, As sad as it is to state there is no anger or bitterness. He is nevertheless delighted to say there is no anger or bitterness, adding that he doesn’t believe they were ever a model couple. 

Maybe they’re divorced models. Tom blamed himself for the separation earlier this week, telling a reporter, Of course, he’s unhappy. They still adore one another, though.

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