What Is Tongue Bumps? Is It Curable?

What Is Tongue Bumps Is It Curable

Did you know your oral health determines the health of your body? Studies show even the color of your tongue will help in identifying your overall health. That is why doctors often advise regular flossing in addition to brushing your teeth consistently.

But have you ever heard of tongue bumps? Tongue bumps are often a neglected part while measuring your dental hygiene. But if you want to ensure your dental health is perfect you need to start giving importance to noticing if you have bumps on your tongue. 

What Causes Papillae On The Back Of The Tongue?

Tongue bumps often happen at the back of your tongues and arise as a result of oral infections.  Your tongue area is fully covered by muscles.

Although you can easily notice the color changes on the surface of your tongue which is covered by the mucous membrane you will often miss out on the bumps that occur in the back of your tongue.

These bumps are medically referred to as papillae. Due to the small size of the papillae, they are often unnoticed.

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  • Leukoplakia

One of the major reasons for the presence of tongue bumps is Leukoplakia. If you are affected by Leukoplakia you could notice visible white patches on the bottom of your tongue and cheek area. Leukoplakia often occurs as a result of increased tobacco consumption.

Hence it is important to visit a dentist and check the root cause of these bumps to ensure you are not affected by cancer. The presence of tongue bumps occurs because of various reasons. Since Leukoplakia’s white patches are linked to tobacco consumption it is highly advisable to check for cancer.

  • Cold sores

The bumps can also occur as a result of viral infection. For instance, when you are hit by the herpes Simplex Virus, you will be susceptible to cold sores.

Cold sores are often visible on the back of the tongue and lips. These often appear in the form of blisters and last for almost fifteen days.

These bumps are normally cured on their own if they are small in size. But it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately to avoid enlargement of the size of the bump and pain associated with the same. Your doctor will normally prescribe antiviral medications to subside these patches.

  • Scarlet fever

Bacterial infections could also result in tongue bumps. The very popular scarlet fever occurs as a result of the red bumps present in your mouth. These are caused by the Group A Strep bacteria and when you are affected by this scarlet fever you will experience a high temperature with severe throat ache. 

Normal inflammation of the tongue as a result of biting during consumption of food can also cause these bumps. Consumption of hot liquids can also result in this inflammation.

  • Oral thrush

Similar to bacterial and viral infections, the presence of the fungus can also result in white bumps across your tongue.

This fungal infection is normally referred to as an Oral thrush. Since your mouth is a wet region, if a hygienic dental routine is not followed, it could lead to the development of yeast in your mouth.

When you are affected by an oral thrush it will result in a dry mouth. There is a higher probability of having pain due to this fungal infection. 

Take Away

To avoid the appearance of a tongue bump, you have to eliminate foods that irritate your mouth. This includes food and beverages that are acidic in nature and foods that are sour. 

Although tongue bumps are very common it is advisable to visit a medical expert if their presence exceeds three days to avoid pain and identify the root cause and start with the appropriate treatments.


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