Who Is American Idols, Zaréh Isa? Things to Know About ‘Idol’ Alum Nadia Turner’s Daughter

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 21, 2022

The famous contestant and the winner of America’s Idol is none other than Zareh Isa. She has been the winner of this fantastic reality show 14 years back. She was considered one of the most deserving candidates who was blessed with the voice of the Nightingale. She is in the position to create a separate image for herself amongst judges and in public.

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

She left no stone unturned to win the reality show with a tremendous margin by defeating the existing tough competition at that time. She was one of the most excellent candidates who were always ready to accept the different types of challenges and bring the best performance from her side. She was one of the most formidable competitors for fellow candidates. 

Who Is American Idols, Zaréh Isa Things to Know About 'Idol' Alum Nadia Turner's Daughter

Recent news and announcement

It was recently that she announced that her daughter was just her reflection. This reflection is not only moral and social but also professional at the same point in time. She wanted to convey to the world at large that after 14 years of her winning America’s Idol, her daughter Nadia Turner is set to set the stage on fire for the same reality show. This is breaking news because her daughter has been following in her footsteps. 

She was able to arrange for this particular news by posting on Instagram. The level of excitement, happiness, and Pride that should be experienced concerning a daughter was evident to you in the post she posted. It is a proud moment for a parent whenever a child wants to become precisely a similar personality like the parent himself by putting in the same struggle that one has already put up. 

Further news 

It will create a positive impact on a professional career because only at the young age of 18 years she is all set for the auditions. Both the mother and the daughter share a significant relationship. But the mother was surprised that this particular connection in the profession is divine, which she never expected. 

In the recent interview with the people, her daughter was also in the position to showcase the level of excitement that she was undergoing. She couldn’t thank the almighty and even her mother for having this tooth upon the opportunity of becoming as generous as her mother at a very young age. 

This feeling will be very mutual because this was the daughter’s dream from the age of 4 years to be in the top 8 of the reality show. To fulfill the dream of a daughter, the mother wanted to do everything that she basically could do. She afforded every particular opportunity that her parents could not do for herself, but she wanted to do for the daughter. It is the kind of the best feeling because she was in the position to bring a positive impact on her career over a period of time. Every day she also tries to post the images and the stories of a daughter in which she is shown practicing very hard to win the trophy. 

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