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Prevent A Young Child From Waking Up Too Early In The Mornin

How Do You Prevent A Young Child From Waking Up Too Early In The Morning?

ByNikki AttkissonSep 16, 2020

Is your baby waking up too early in the morning? Some children are natural early birds, and some may actually…

Ravnsborg issues statement in a fatal accident that killed a man

Ravnsborg Issues Statement In a Fatal Accident That Killed a Man

ByNikki AttkissonSep 16, 2020

Attorney General of South Dakota, Jason Ravnsborg said in a statement that he had no idea about what he struck…

The message of forgiveness: 75-year-old Holocaust survivor

The Message Of Forgiveness: 75-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor

ByNikki AttkissonSep 16, 2020

LEVITTOWN, Pa. – ‘Gross learned to find humor, hope, and forgiveness in the darkest of places’ Ernie Gross never found…

Breonna Taylor shooting: Louisville announced $12M settlement

Breonna Taylor Shooting: Louisville Announced $12M Settlement

ByNikki AttkissonSep 16, 2020

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – On Tuesday, a $12 million settlement was announced by Mayor Greg Fischer with Breonna Taylor’s family. This…